Popular Comment: (by Health_ranger) If your kid is not up to date....according to the government....on their shots they will not be allowed in school. Even if the parent has made the "choice" that they do not want the shot, your kid cannot attend school. But, we'll let all of the illegals in without the same requirement?
Health - 6 days ago
Popular Comment: (by RobotDan) what a great way to end his baseball career - the game winning hit!
Sports - 6 days ago
Popular Comment: (by Dog_Days) or are you just happy to see me! What was he thinking!
World News - 6 days ago
Miss a Payment? Good Luck Moving That Car (www.nytimes.com) 
Popular Comment: (by Dog_Days) Wow, I didn't know they could do that. Seems like a very slippery slope to me. What if someone was on the way to the hospital and some one dies because they can't get the car started? Yes, people should be on-time with payments, but I don't think people should be put at risk in this manner. Even if it didn't cause a death, can you imagine being stuck without a car 50 miles from your home with 3 kids with you. Seems like they are putting people at risk with this move.
Economy/Money - 7 days ago
Popular Comment: (by Health_ranger) I don't understand how legal people get taxed to death and fined, but illegal people get all of the benefits. It is like gun control. Yes, I know - touchy subject - but they want to put laws in place to take guns away from Americans. However, these laws will not take the guns away from people using them illegally. Laws will never stop a person from having an illegal gun or doing harm with it. However, your law abiding citizen will no longer be able to defend themselves against the criminal. Once again, it makes no sense.
US News - 7 days ago
Highest-paid female CEO used to be a man (finance.yahoo.com) 
Popular Comment: (by SuperDuperMan) this person still looks like a man to me.
Business - 7 days ago
Attorney General Eric Holder To Step Down (www.infowars.com) 
Popular Comment: (by PizzaMan) Happy Days! This was a long time in coming and I would rather have seen him fired. But, I'll take it anyway I can get it. One down - several to go. Hey Obama - maybe you should think about this too!
Politics - 7 days ago
Popular Comment: (by AshleyB) What????? This is outrageous! They are 5 years old, they have no business teaching them anything about sex.
Education - 8 days ago
Sen. Pat Roberts warns of 'national socialism' taking root (www.washingtontimes.com) 
Popular Comment: (by LeftofRight) it does seem to be the way the country is going. The worse the economy gets the farther it seems to go in that direction as more people rely on the government to provide for them.
Politics - 8 days ago
Obama salutes Marines with coffee cup (www.washingtontimes.com) 
Popular Comment: (by NotMe) disappointing that he has so little respect for our military.
Politics - 8 days ago
Popular Comment: (by RobotDan) I'm kind of surprised they didn't pick an earlier age. Like once you retired, in a socialist society you are not longer valuable once you no longer work.
Health - 9 days ago
Lois Lerner Compares Herself To Jeffrey Dahmer (dailycaller.com) 
Popular Comment: (by PizzaMan) What? and that makes it ok. So, you aren't Jeffrey Dahmer? Should we accept what you did then? Get real lady, you are dirty and toxic and should never be employed again.
Politics - 9 days ago
Popular Comment: (by LeftofRight) only 2 more years. Now we can really hope for change.
Politics - 9 days ago
Exclusive: Lois Lerner breaks silence (www.politico.com) 
Popular Comment: (by Dog_Days) I can't imagine any company wanting to hire her, even if the company is dirty you can't afford to hire someone this toxic.
Politics - 9 days ago
Popular Comment: (by Health_ranger) That doesn't make any sense at all to me.
Health - 12 days ago
Popular Comment: (by LeftofRight) looks like big brother is alive and well in the US.
US News - 12 days ago
Popular Comment: (by Dog_Days) yeah, good thing we took so many illegals in. Not like crime wasn't already a problem
US News - 20 days ago
Popular Comment: (by RoadKill) That makes no sense, even to an idiot like me. You don't have to be the sharpest knife in the drawer to see that this is screwed up.
US News - 20 days ago
Popular Comment: (by Health_ranger) Those are staggering numbers!
Health - 20 days ago
Popular Comment: (by JustSaying) what is wrong with people? And this happened at a prayer vigil. Seems like evil works hard and harder these days.
Religion - 20 days ago

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