Popular Comment: (by JustSaying) Maybe her heart was in the right place, but her plan was not very well thought out. Did she not realize that once arrested the police will control her every move - and she will not be in the same cell as the boyfriend. Not well thought out at all. Maybe the story ends with "alcohol was involved"?
US News - 2 days ago
Popular Comment: (by PeanutBuster) I don't think Ferguson needs any coaching unless it is to show them how to demonstrate peacefully. But that doesn't seem to be what is going on there.
US News - 5 days ago
Popular Comment: (by Dog_Days) The police and the military are not suppose to be the same. Police are to serve and protect - not act like the military. The more the police act and look like the military the closer we get to a police state. Look at Ferguson, MO - it looks more like the military than the police out there.
US News - 5 days ago
Popular Comment: (by JustSaying) How sick have we gotten? Imagine trying to explain THAT to the kids. And I thought going to the zoo and watching the baboons was hard to explain. Whew, bring on the parenting skills for this one!
US News - 5 days ago
Popular Comment: (by Dog_Days) This is a horrible situation and the government is just making it worse. They are sending in people to help, who are known dividers. They are helping this situation to get even more out of hand. It doesn't have to be this way. People need to get smart and take our country back....without force I hope. It may come down to force because no one in government is listening to the people, they are just agitating the people.
US News - 6 days ago
Popular Comment: (by Health_ranger) This whole system has been destine to failure since the beginning. It is the law and it is here to stay, but I hope we get someone in office that can fix this!
Health - 6 days ago
Popular Comment: (by RoadKill) Obama has his priorities, which have nothing to do with running the country or the fact that the entire world seems to be in a major meltdown. His priorities are golfing, fund raising and going to parties. Actually, maybe we are lucky that he is doing this because his policies, leadership ability and visions are so weak all he can do is hurt the situations worse. Maybe no involvement from him is a good thing. Too bad so many people are suffering, but he doesn't seem to care.
World News - 6 days ago
Hammering Obama: Hillary has only begun (nypost.com) 
Popular Comment: (by WalkingDead) Hillary is taking shots at Obama and, well, at this point who wouldn't. But, her shots at him may not work the way she wants them to. She has too many times supported him, even after leaving office. In many interviews she praised Obama. Shots at him now make her look like a two faced liar. Does he deserve the shots - Yes. But, it may be to late for her to distance herself from him. She should have done that a while ago, or at lease not praised him so highly to turn on him now.
Politics - 6 days ago
The Future of College? (www.theatlantic.com) 
Popular Comment: (by timmy29) it's about time that better options became available!
Education - 6 days ago
Popular Comment: (by JustSaying) Wow, these cops do look more like our military who are serving in a war area. How did this come to happen in a US city?
US News - 7 days ago
Study: You Have 'Near-Zero' Impact on U.S. Policy (www.breitbart.com) 
Popular Comment: (by LeftofRight) We have been moving in this direction for a long time so that it was hardly even noticeable that a shift was happening. Now American's have little say so in our country and we are no longer a country of "We the people". Power and greed has taken over. It does matter if we vote with the Dems or GOP, they are both corrupt.
Politics - 7 days ago
Popular Comment: (by TuddyFruity) Obama hates anyone who has criticism against him. He usually calls them racist.
Politics - 7 days ago
Hide ‘D,’ Showcase ‘R’ (www.nationalreview.com) 
Popular Comment: (by PeanutBuster) The news should no longer be called the news, it should be called gossip. They spend more time on their own opinions and agendas than they do the news they should no longer be allowed to call themselves reports, journalist or anything professional sounding. They are merely gossip hounds.
US News - 7 days ago
Popular Comment: (by Rossy_Rose) You're kidding right? Not black enough? What do they even mean by that? Screwed up!
US News - 8 days ago
Popular Comment: (by AshleyB) It is so sad to think that one of the funniest men out there battled with such deep depression. We often think that funny people are happy. How could they be so funny if they are unhappy. But, while this man made the world laugh, he suffered great internal pain. RIP and thank you for the laughs you gave us along the way.
Celebrities - 8 days ago
Popular Comment: (by Raging_Storm) I have a lot of respect for Paul Craig Roberts opinions and this is very sobering information.
World News - 8 days ago
U.S. Wages Down 23% Since 2008 (www.breitbart.com) 
Popular Comment: (by BeerMan) trust me I know, you are preaching to the choir here. I had to give up beer just to try and make ends meet. Sad, sad days!
Economy/Money - 8 days ago
Popular Comment: (by RoadKill) This is so sad especially realizing that their kids saw the whole thing. This selfie stuff is kind of out of hand.
World News - 8 days ago
Holder opens federal probe of slain teen (thehill.com) 
Popular Comment: (by Dog_Days) of course he does. this is the only time he launches and investigation. All the other times he covers up corruption within the government.
Politics - 8 days ago
Popular Comment: (by SuperNova) I'm afraid the worse hasn't even come yet. Two more years of this and it will be well above 35%
Economy/Money - 9 days ago

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