Visit StartSampling for samples, coupons and much more! (www.startsampling.com) 
Popular Comment: (by ceodiane) I'm missing the forum link also. I hope it isn't gone for good. I liked finding the different sweepstakes that are out there...
Entertainment - almost 2 years ago
Popular Comment: (by sezme) i hope to god this whole thing isn't predicated on the user wearing funny glasses. it will never be a hit if that is the case
Technology - almost 2 years ago
Popular Comment: (by obamafan) uber is raising an insane amount of money. they are going to be the next google, apple, microsoft.
Business - almost 2 years ago
A Fake Onion Story About Overstock.com Just Became A Reality (www.huffingtonpost.com) 
Popular Comment: (by i_am_god) i wish more onion stories would become a reality! some of them are freaking hilarious
Funny - almost 2 years ago
The Most Misunderstood Facts About Building a Business on YouTube (www.bothsidesofthetable.com) 
Popular Comment: (by socool) comparing youtube's ad rev split of 45% to apple's 30% take on app rev is not the right way to look at it like the article states
Business - almost 2 years ago
I have no idea what to make of this (i.imgur.com) 
Popular Comment: (by byteme) the more you look at this pic the weirder it becomes
Pics - almost 2 years ago
Pakistan Gives ‘Homeland’ Two Thumbs Down (www.frontpagemag.com) 
Popular Comment: (by i_am_god) shows like homeland have to have their villains rooted in reality or else they won't resonate with viewers. right now our biggest enemy is radical muslims and that's what countries like pakistan have a lot of
Entertainment - almost 2 years ago
Popular Comment: (by blackjack) so what's the punishment? clearly this affected the game. should their win be overturned?
Sports - almost 2 years ago
Findadeath - Celebrity Deaths (www.findadeath.com) 
Popular Comment: (by vealcalf2000) Very interesting site. It's interesting to read about the celebrities you know and to also hear about ones you never knew! Morbid but cool.
Celebrities - almost 2 years ago
Popular Comment: (by vealcalf2000) This is an awesome site that offers support and encouragement through your weight loss journey. Don't let the name fool you, it was created by 3 lovely ladies who dubbed themselves 3fatchicks! I love that there is encouragement for every diet imaginable plus general diet and exercise support. Visit the forum for a wealth of information, ideas, and encouragement.
Health - almost 2 years ago
Popular Comment: (by steve14) hey if anybody can do it it would be spacex and google. i like the odds here - both companies are on a major roll
Astronomy - almost 2 years ago
Where Curls Come to Life - NaturallyCurly.com (www.naturallycurly.com) 
Popular Comment: (by vealcalf2000) I'm a "curly girl" and after struggling for years trying to straighten my hair I discovered this site and figured out how to work with my hair type. Lots of good information, articles, and the forums are wonderful!
Fashion/Style - almost 2 years ago
| Tales Maze (talesmaze.com) 
Popular Comment: (by schaianne) Some of these are so cool!
Pics - almost 2 years ago
Popular Comment: (by rageturtle) i would think online versions of magazine would be hugely popular. guess people would rather play games than read on their phones and tablets
Technology - almost 2 years ago
Popular Comment: (by vealcalf2000) I've always been interested in crime stories. There is no guarantee that any of these crimes would be solved with today's technology but I think it would be interesting with profiling, DNA, etc. if we were able to go back and apply those things to these crimes if they could be solved once and for all.
Education - almost 2 years ago
One-Pot Pasta Primavera Recipe (ohmyveggies.com) 
Popular Comment: (by vealcalf2000) I love one pot meals!
Food/Drink - almost 2 years ago
Popular Comment: (by schaianne) I always knew you weren't supposed to keep pumping after the auto shut off but did NOT know that the gas would just go back into the station's tank!
Economy/Money - almost 2 years ago
Amazon is going to make movies (money.cnn.com) 
Popular Comment: (by rageturtle) i don't understand why amazon is getting into so many different things. it's almost like they don't care about their e-commerce site anymore. they are barely making money and they have had a bunch of flops with their phones, tablets, etc. they should just focus on what they are really good at
Entertainment - almost 2 years ago
Popular Comment: (by cspirit4) not as shocking as the headline indicates. there will always be rich people and there will always be poor people. remember that billions of poor people have no access to education/tools/etc. to better their situation and their governments have no incentive/resources to give them those tools. until that changes these figures will not change
Economy/Money - almost 2 years ago
What Will Kill Us And When? (digg.com) 
Popular Comment: (by seriously) those are some pretty huge time buckets. also does anyone really think honeybees are going to completely die off this decade?
People - almost 2 years ago

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